Having the understanding that the processes created on the front end, effects the result on the back end is the first step when collecting in the Merchant Cash Advance space.  Every department from Processing- Underwriting- Client Services- Collections to Accounting should be working together to accomplish the same goal.

CURE’s team is different than other collection agencies. Not only do we have over 20 years experience in the collections industry but our team is built of executives that have managed and created internal processes , policies and systems for Underwriting and Collections in the Merchant Cash Advance space.



Analysis of Processes *Daily Payment Structure * Borrowing Base Issues * Fraud Issues * Litigation * Insight of Default Trends * System Automation  and more….

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Allow CURE to handle all your customer service needs from incoming calls , payment arrangements and more. ACH Non Breach * Breach* Fraud *Large Balance * Split Deals. Contact CURE today to learn more about our customer support services for your company.



Customer Service is the key to keeping your MCA business growing. Providing a positive approach and experience is important to  help get the merchants back on track again and retain them for additional funding. Those merchants will be the ones that will refer you as a lender and build your company to the next level.

Our experienced Customer Support Services Team provides a Full Service Plan with a reduced contingency fee that will help you streamline your processes,  reduce your collections issues and save you money on staffing. With CURE, your merchants will receive immediate responses to their inquiries, while also being able to provide you full visibility into your merchants accounts.

Our goal is to resolve front end issues without the need for collection services.


There maybe times that an immediate referral to collections is necessary. The merchant is refusing to pay, no point of contact, fraud suspected, out of business , Debt Consolidation, multiple missed payments /broken arrangements or the pace of the account is below 50%. When Customer Service efforts have been exhausted based on the age of the account, a referral for collection services will also be made. 

CURE will initiate immediate collection activities upon receipt of the collection referral. Our goal is to collect your money without the need of litigation or legal fees within the first 90 days. No upfront fees. CURE operates on contingency fee basis. We do not receive a payment unless we achieve a recovery.


Full Service Third Party Collection Services

Our collection services consist of initial and escalated processes including letters, calls, skip tracing and extensive research on both the merchant and the business. Full scrubs for bankruptcy and deceased. CURE will provide full reporting and updates, legal referral recommendations and more.

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Attorney Network * Judgment & Enforcement Network * Litigation *  Asset Search * UCC  & Tax Lien Search *Jurisdiction per contract * Authorization to Sue * Copy of Complaint * Final decisions made by Funder *


If collection efforts are exhausted or an account is identified to be expedited as a legal claim, CURE offers the option to refer the account to our attorney network and or/judgment enforcement network. The attorney will be referred based on the jurisdiction in the contract; while CURE manages the full legal referral, litigation, judgment and enforcement processes through our network. Status updates can be provided to your company on a continued basis. 

It is a priority of CURE to be able to provide you with a network that will begin legal collections efforts immediately and provide recommendations that will be personalized to your company’s needs.